About me


My name is Udo Kerzinger, born in 1975, and I have been working in the financial sector since May 2000. My entire professional life has revolved around investments. My excursions into the world of training and my coaching assignments are also always accompanied by the topic of money and investments. During these years, I have experienced the entire range of emotions and stock market movements. I started out practically in the early years during the internet bubble. After a few good years came the financial crisis, another major event. There were a few more after that. The good news is that all clients who stayed in their portfolios, kept calm and focused on their goals are now seeing very good results in their investment portfolios. True to the motto: there is no substitute for experience, I offer you my wealth of experience. I have conducted more than 2,500 advisory meetings, held more than 1,000 end customer events on the subject of retirement provision in front of around 30,000-40,000 people and held more than 600 coaching days for other financial advisors. As a result, I know exactly what customers need and what I need to pay attention to in order to provide you with exactly what suits you. This means you can sleep soundly and look forward to a future with sufficient assets.

What do I do differently?

For many people, there are better industries than the financial sector. Many investors therefore often turn to their bank or an intermediary out of convenience, as they find it difficult to choose the right products to achieve their savings goals and often look for solutions nearby. Unfortunately, in today’s distribution landscape, in-house products are still often sold with high commissions. The customer’s needs often come last. This does not have to and must not remain the case!

I am transparent. In what you buy, what you pay, who you pay and who pays me.

Investing money means taking responsibility!

In the financial sector, experience is one of the most important assets. And that’s exactly what I can offer you.

You will notice from the very first moment that I am 100% behind what I do. From the industry in general to the products in particular. I won’t overwhelm you with financial terms. In every conversation, you should understand what we are talking about, how our service works and what benefits you can derive from it. Financial products are often abstract promises of benefits for the future. My aim is to make you feel comfortable and look forward to the future.


Sie werden vom ersten Moment an merken, dass ich zu 100 % hinter dem stehe, was ich mache. Von der Branche im Allgemeinen bis zu den Produkten im Speziellen. Ich werde Sie nicht mit Finanzbegriffen erschlagen. Sie sollten bei jedem Gespräch verstehen, um was es geht, wie unsere Dienstleistung funktioniert und was Ihr Nutzen daraus ist. Finanzprodukte sind vielfach abstrakte Leistungsversprechen in die Zukunft. Ich möchte, dass Sie sich wohlfühlen und auf die Zukunft freuen können.

After the consultation is before the collaboration. At the end of a consultation is the investment. But that’s just the beginning of our collaboration. Over the years, we evaluate the following points together:

  • How are your investments performing compared to your wealth target?
  • What do we do in the event of a crash?
  • How do you stay up to date?

In my opinion, all of this is part of a good service.

By focusing on investment solutions, I concentrate exclusively on one product area in the financial industry. With me, there is no insurance, whether life or liability. I take care of your money. And I have been doing so for over 22 years. I am still working on getting better every day – for your benefit.

Free initial consultation

Give me a call or make an appointment directly here. We will then have an initial conversation to find out whether we are a good fit and whether we can go down a path together. I look forward to it


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