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Nowadays, it is no longer enough to deal with the topic of asset accumulation just once and then leave everything to chance. Rather, your assets require continuous support and care. My top priority is to ensure absolute transparency and to inform you immediately about changes on the financial markets. For me, this includes providing my valued clients with regular monthly reports, comprehensive quarterly reports, fully automated monitoring and control of the risk in your portfolio and the provision of a monthly market commentary and newsletter.

I realize that your wealth is an important foundation for your financial future and I am determined to ensure that it is managed in the best possible way. My comprehensive services and ongoing reporting are a reflection of our commitment to supporting your financial goals and keeping you informed.

Portfolio check, what is it?

A portfolio check is a review of an investment portfolio or custody account. Typically, investors or financial professionals perform this process to evaluate the quality and performance of their investments, optimize their investment strategy and ensure they are meeting their financial goals.

A portfolio review includes the following steps:

Review of investment goals and horizon:This involves adjusting current financial goals and, if necessary, rebalancing the portfolio to better meet the investor’s objectives.

Review of the investment strategy: This involves checking whether the existing investment strategy is still in line with your objectives and risk appetite.

Return analysis: The current return of the portfolio is assessed, including the total return and comparison with benchmark indices or the investor’s individual financial objectives.

Diversification and asset allocation: The diversification of the portfolio is examined to ensure that it is sufficiently hedged against risk and that the allocation of capital to different asset classes is optimized.

Risk analysis: The investor’s current risk appetite is determined to ensure that the portfolio matches their preferences and unexpected losses are avoided.

Cost review: The costs associated with the portfolio, including management fees, transactions and taxes, are analyzed to ensure that they are reasonable and do not unduly impact the overall return.

Tax implications: Consideration is given to how tax considerations affect the portfolio and whether tax-optimized investment strategies are used.

Why is a portfolio check important?

We want to ensure that an investment portfolio meets current financial needs and objectives. By regularly reviewing and adjusting the portfolio, investors can increase their returns, minimize risk and ensure long-term financial success. A well-executed portfolio review also helps to ensure that the portfolio is tax-efficient and unnecessary costs are avoided.

Recommendations for a successful portfolio check:

Carry out the portfolio check regularly, ideally at least once a year.

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