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With many years of expertise, I excel in delivering comprehensive investment solutions tailored for expats and foreigners. Crafted digitally and uniquely, I focus on understanding your desires and objectives.

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Reasons to invest

How should you invest?

Many people are already sick of hearing about poverty in old age, inflation and the like. The fact is, however, that the time of work-free years will come. And everyone deserves to live these years the way they should; with fun and enjoyment and being able to afford nice things. This is only possible with a sensible wealth plan that is implemented so that goals can be achieved.

Why should you invest?

Commissions and costs make the majority of investments on offer so expensive that in the end there is little or no return for you. Hidden costs in particular should not be underestimated. Make sure that the products are extremely efficient and that the quality remains at the highest level. Contradiction? Let’s take a look at it.

Why should you invest with me?

The jungle of financial products, from the type of investment to the cost structure, is very opaque and almost impossible for the layman to understand. I bring transparency to the products and explain the most important factors of financial investments in a simple and comprehensible way. I work completely independently, without a client, and can therefore focus entirely on you.


Welcome, my name is Udo Kerzinger.

Let’s chart your financial course and achieve your goals stress-free.


How does an appointment with me usually work?

Directly to the appointment booking

What you can expect from me

No front-end load, no exit fees, low management fee

Over the course of time, we continually adapt the strategy to your and the market’s needs.

Investments in around 10,000 securities ensure that you participate in many markets and regions.

Depending on your readiness for fluctuations, we can create portfolios with an equity allocation of 0 % to 100 %.

No dependence on companies. I am only committed to your success and your return.

All costs and steps are transparent and traceable. At any time

24/ Insight into your custody account balances

German servers. Maximum security for your data and your money

Ich begleite Sie langfristig. Auch in schwierigen Börsenzeiten bin ich für Sie da.

My mission

With my in-depth financial expertise and many years of experience, I strive to maximize my clients’ financial success and make investments an all-round success. My goal is to create long-term wealth through smart and sustainable financial strategies while ensuring financial security. I see it as my calling to help people achieve their financial goals and realize their dreams. In an ever-changing financial world, I provide my clients with advice and guidance to help them make smart financial decisions and protect and grow their wealth.

Free initial consultation

Give me a call or make an appointment directly here. We will then have an initial conversation to find out whether we are a good fit and whether we can go down a path together. I look forward to it

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