Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Our aim is to actively support and encourage all people who want to actively find their balance and who are willing to do something for it:

Health – mental – personal – financial.

With our concepts, products and services, we create the framework so that people can go into a holistically successful future through their inner balance.

Mission for customers:

The mission of BALANZROCK is to support people and animals with holistic concepts in order to be able to lead a healthy, beautiful and balanced life. We pay attention to the areas of physical, mental, spiritual and financial health.

Mission for distributors:

BALANZROCK’s mission is to support people in their dream of self-employment. Here they can contribute their creativity and ideas and benefit from BalanzRock’s profits.

In addition, the group dynamic helps to grow your own company successfully.

Our values


Everyone has experienced things in their life that they can pass on to us and that help us to move forward. That’s why everyone should be heard. This is the only way to create the basis for respectful cooperation.


People deserve to be valued because of who they are. Just like that, for no reason. Not for what you have, not for what you can do, just for what you are.


To show the customer advantages and disadvantages. To convey honestly to customers and sales partners what we can and cannot do. Because honesty is the basis for trust.


Trust creates closeness and strengthens us. We are convinced that people can develop better and perform better if we can trust each other. We want to achieve this through appreciation, respectful and honest dealings with one another.